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Spacepen is focused on business process automation with Artificial Intelligence, Improved Business Intelligence tools, Marchine Learning and Cloud based Technologies. we help businesses grow by developing technology enablers for them to carry on daily business processes.

At Spacepen, our mission is to empower people and businesses all over the world with enablers to facilitate extraordinary growth and sustainable profit with cutting-edge standards. Our mission is grounded in both the world in which we live and the future we strive to create.

What we are known for

Business process Atomation

Artificial Intelligence driven softwares

Maximum data Security

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Enterprise software development

Mobile Application Development

Desktop application development

Website development

Business process automation

Custom APIs Development

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Our products

SMART Framework

SMART (Systems Management Automation and Records Technology) is a framework built on PHP and Javascript technology which is lincenced to help quick build Enterprise Resource and Planning products with ease

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SMART for Health

Electronic Health Records system for Health care facilities suitable for micro, macro and multi faacility Health Institutions. It helps to automate Health care delivery process with optimal data security

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SMART for Finance

A fintec suite for Financial Institutions and Technology systems, it covers loan and management, financial transactions and customers accounts management. It is customizable to meet client's business needs

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Andrea is an Artificial Inteigence conversational robot that gives quick and adequate reports about business activities on real time. It is designed to help business owners get business reports on their mobile phones on the go

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